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A Rock shines above several other commendable Timmins people

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Among dozens of people who were commended during this week’s meeting of Timmins city council, one guy stood out.

Mayor George Pirie presented a certificate to Timmins Rock veteran Derek Seguin, for taking on the huge task of organizing Jurassic Park at the Mac during the Toronto Raptors run to the NBA championship.

Pirie called 19-year-old Seguin “a marvellous young man”.

“I’ve watched him play hockey and the only other guy that I enjoyed watching skating as much as I watched him skate is Pavel Bure,” the mayor remarked. “I’ll tell you, a great young man, a credit to our community and will continue to be a credit to our community as he advances.  Wherever he decides to do it in the future, I’m sure he’s going to be a success.”

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Also recognized were dozens of people responsible for two flooding-related operations.

The Timmins Flood Advisory kept things under relative control, as more water went through the Mattagami River system this spring than in 1996, the last time there was major flooding in the city.

And the group that took care of flood evacuees from Kashechewan was also applauded.

The mayor noted that both groups worked so well, neither had any major issues.

The Timmins Flood Advisory Committee.
(Bob McIntyre, staff)
The group that coordinated housing flood evacuees from Kashechewan — over 900 of them — for more than five weeks. (Bob McIntyre, staff)
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