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Director of Education weighs in on new sex-ed curriculum

It has been almost 20 years since the sex ed curriculum in Ontario has had any major updates. Now, a new program has been unveiled which teaches kids everything from anatomy, to same sex marriages, to consent. The Director of Education for the North East School Board, Linda Knight, says it’s about protecting students.

Knight goes on to say there is more to the curriculum than just the sex-ed portion.

Reaction from parents in Timmins has been mixed. Some parents believe starting the curriculum in Grade One is too early. Others think that the program is adapting to the times, and will encourage smart decisions.

Knight says the school board is open to hearing concerns from parents, and will sit down with them to discuss issues.

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Knight says they haven’t heard any concerns so far, but she says it is still very early.

Parent reaction on social media in Timmins has been mixed. You can see the full debate on social media by CLICKING HERE

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