They’ve paid their dues, time after time…

…and Sonic Democracy is ready to ROCK!

With Sonic Democracy’s The Queen Experience coming to Timmins this Friday, June 7th and Saturday, June 8th, the band has been working hard to bring an unforgettable experience before your eyes! Not only will they be doing a full set of cover songs, of bands like The Eagles, Metallica, Pink Floyd, and more, but they will also be performing a full list of classic Queen-hits.

After the success of the Bohemian Rhapsody movie this past year, Sonic Democracy felt it was the right time to pay tribute to one of rock’s most celebrated bands. This morning, I was joined by drummer/singer Brayden Roy, co-manager Josh Warrnier, guitarist/master shredder Mikayla Calbwell, and their instructor, Barry Promane. While Promane runs the show, he lets the students, and their work, speak for themselves.

Let’s just say…these kids can PLAY! Take Mikayla: she’s only been playing for 9-months, and is shredding guitar solos as good as her rock heroes!

Have a listen to our full conversation below…


If you want to hear more from Sonic Democracy, find out how to get your tickets to The Queen Experience at the link HERE.