Ford decides not to attend Pride Parade in Toronto

Ontario premier Doug Ford has officially announced that he will not attend Toronto’s Pride Parade. A spokesperson for Ford told Global News that he doesn’t plan on attending until police are allowed to participate in full uniform again. They were banned from wearing their uniforms two years ago after concerns about racial profiling.

Group calls violence against First Nations, Metis and Inuit women a form of genocide.

Family and friends of missing and murdered indigenous women gathered for a ceremony in Quebec. A three-year study was released with over 200 recommendations to the government on how to remedy the issue. Those in attendance called violence against First Nations, Metis and Inuit women a form of genocide.

Chemicals used in firefighting foam found in food

The Food and Drug Administration has found what it calls “forever chemicals” in some foods. The Associated Press reports that the manmade compounds found are usually used in firefighting foam. Experts say the chemicals pose a higher risk than previously thought and many U.S. states are asking for federal regulation of them.

Edibles make up half of legal cannabis sales for Canada

The Canadian cannabis market is valued at almost 3 billion dollars annually with edibles making up half of that total. That’s the latest from a report from the Canadian Press citing findings from Deloitte. Now Canada is preparing to legalize other cannabis-infused foods and beverages so the value should increase.