The phrase “basket case” best describes your state of mind, should your child ever go missing.

That’s why Masonic Lodges offer MasoniChip, as one of the local lodges did this past weekend at Timmins Square.

“It gets parents pertinent information if their children were ever to go missing,” says Sebastien Vermette, a member of the Abitibi Masonic Lodge in Timmins.

Sebastien Vermette. (Bob McIntyre, Staff)


The parent is given a CD with their child’s description on it;  a bite impression; a photo; a voice recording; fingerprints and a DNA sample.  If the child goes missing, the parent hands the disc over to police.

Vermette points out that all of that information might become outdated… except for two pieces of it. “Fingerprints will never change and the DNA will never change.”

Jody Dubois brought her seven-and-a-half-year-old daughter Scheyenne Presley to the set-up,  after seeing it publicized on Facebook.

“It’s scary the reasons why we have to do it,” Dubois comments. “ But it’s safety, so, she’s my child, I’ll do anything to keep her safe.”

“We haven’t done it for a few years in Timmins,” Sebastien Vermette notes. “This is our first year bringing it back.  But we want to keep this as an annual program.”