Whether your business is a member of the Timmins Chamber of Commerce or not, you can participate in its annual business confidence survey.

Vice-president and municipal affairs committee chair Val Venneri calls it a clear snapshot of local business confidence.

“Confidence in the economy, where we think the city is going, how easy it is to do business in the city, those types of things,” he says.

You can link to the survey here. Venneri says the deadline is June 7th.

“We’ll take the data and come up with some recommendations that we can sit down with the city and see where we can go with it.”

Bob McIntyre, MyTimminsNow.com staff

Venneri doesn’t expect anything extraordinary, but says the answers that come back are sometimes surprising.

“All we’re trying to do is be proactive in voicing the concerns of the Chamber’s members with respect to local government policy,” he comments. “The Chamber’s municipal affairs committee has set out to design the survey to gauge businesses’ current level of satisfaction with the services in the city and key areas crucial to their operation.”