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Bisson gives input on Wynne investigation

The New Democrat for Timmins – James Bay is pretty happy.

Gilles Bisson has learned that Elections Ontario will interview Premier Kathleen Wynne over an alleged bribe in Sudbury.

Wynne’s deputy chief of staff will also be interviewed.

Bisson says if Elections Ontario charges anyone, than he wants a non-Ontario prosecutor to handle the case.

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He says, this is so there is transparency, and an understanding that its not someone who is politically connected to the Liberals who will be making decisions on prosecution.

Once the investigation is over, the Chief Electoral Officer reports it to the Attorney General, which Bisson says doesn’t make sense. Why would a Liberal cabinet minister do anything with the report that is tabled, when it’s her own Premier who is subject to the investigation, asks Bisson.

That is why Bisson has called for the Premier to appoint an independent prosecutor in the case.

Elections Ontario wants to know what role Wynne and her Deupty Chief of Staff had in the claim that Andrew Olivier was offered a job or appointment not to seek the Liberal candidacy.

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