The Porcupine Ski Runners Cross-Country Ski Club is reporting rave reviews from competitors and visitors at this past weekend’s Canadian Masters championship.

Club member Mike Kornell is one satisfied Chief of Race.

“The actual national director for the Canadian Masters, his name is Bruce Legros,” Kornell relates to My Timmins Now Dot Com. “He said that these are the best Masters championships that he’s ever attended, and he’s been skiing for the last thirty-plus years.”

Based on that, says you can bet the club will take on another national championship.

“Every spring-summer, the board of the PSR sits down and assesses what their bids would be,” Kornell explains. “ So certainly probably April, May, then we’ll decide what our next bid will be.  Usually the bids come out in the spring-summer for the following winter events.”

This past weekend was the first time the Masters’ national competition has been held in Northern Ontario.

You have to be 30 years old for Masters competition.  Kornell says there were about a hundred racers from six provinces in town, including a couple in their early 80s who raced all three days.