February is the month of love and starting Fri., Feb. 1, back by popular demand, a way to show love for books at the C.M. Shields Library in South Porcupine.

“Blind Date with a Book has been around for a couple of years,” says branch head Louise Gaudette.

She adds that it’s a way to borrow a book that resembles a dating app.  The books are covered up — thus, the “blind date” part of the activity.

“You can’t judge the book by its cover,” explains Gaudette. “So we wrap these books.  We write a personal ad on it, which are clues of what the book will be about.”

So you take you “date” home and that’s where you unwrap it and read it.  There’s a ballot inside on which you can rate your date, and that qualifies you for prizes.

Photo credit: C.M. Shields Library

“You can have a date every other day at the library,” according to Gaudette. “ When was the last time you could have that many dates in a month, you know what I mean?”

Gaudette says it’s great fun.  No one gets their feelings hurt… and your significant other won’t mind.

Blind Date with a Book runs all month.