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Advisor warns of tough decisions ahead for Ontario healthcare; Pearson has a runway problem that could be deadly

Ontario’s healthcare system has many problems, but no solutions proposed just yet

Doug Ford’s healthcare advisory committee is warning of a tough road ahead.
The first report suggests hard decisions will have to be made on the province’s current healthcare, which is rife with issues including a lack of accountability. The report also addressed the hallway healthcare situation, suggesting more beds won’t fix the problem. The committee will release another report with improvement recommendations soon.

TSB recommends major overhaul of risky runways at Pearson Airport

Two runways at Pearson airport are posing a serious risk to aircraft.
The Transportation Safety Board warns the various taxiways connecting the two busy runways are the issue. The layout is reportedly different compared to other North American airports and is confusing for pilots, making the area a high risk for plane collisions. The safety watchdog is recommending a layout overhaul.

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Ottawa may have been the loser in pipeline negotiations: PBO

A new report suggests the feds might need to work on their negotiation skills.
The Parliamentary Budget Office believes the entire Trans Mountain Pipeline is worth between $3.6 and $4.6 billion. That means the Liberals could have saved nearly $1 billion during negotiations with Kinder Morgan. And the PBO warns the value will keep dropping the longer the project sits in limbo.

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