A registered psychotherapist who recently moved to Schumacher from the Niagara region is offering a type of talk therapy with women who are trying to move on from abusive, neglectful relationships.

Karen Pitt founded The Lazarus Trust, her own therapeutic and social service agency.

The program she is offering is one she devised.  It offers ten weeks of individual time once a week… two other counselling sessions… and two of what she calls “Days away”… in which all participants spend the day together.

Pitt says for now, it’s for women only.

“There is a male version, it’s not being offered yet,” Pitt states. “ The female version we are starting on the 18th of February.”

She also says: “The tag for the Lazarus Trust is ‘narrative that empowers change’. So it’s about understanding our stories and looking for ways of transforming them to help us be free and be able to live healthy lives.”