You can expect a bigger sound than you’re used to, when the Timmins Symphony Orchestra performs this Friday night at the Charles Fournier Auditorium.

It’s teaming up with the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra.  It’s a fulltime, professional orchestra that was nominated this week for a Juno for best classical album.

“It’s going to be really cool in a lot of ways,” says Timmins Symphony musical director Josh Wood.  “Number one, because there’s going to be 65 musicians on stage, it’s going to make a sound that we don’t get to experience quite as often, just from the sheer number of players. I mean it’s doing to be nearly double the size of our usual orchestra.”

The second thing is the experience of playing with a fully professional orchestra, and learning from the experience.

Wood says the program is made up of classical favourites, including Rossini’s overture from The Barber of Seville.

“Which everyone knows from the Bugs Bunny sketch which” – Wood laughs here – “ if you don’t know that one, you should look it up.”

Another piece you can expect to hear is Elgar’s “Nimrod Variation”.

“It’s named after the hunter from the Bible.  It’s not our current usage of the word ‘nimrod’“– he laughs again. “It’s quite bold and heroic and beautiful.”

Tickets are available at the Timmins Museum and at the door on Friday night.