When you’re on the internet, you potentially have a worldwide audience.  And one podcast produced in Timmins is reaching out to anyone, anywhere to discuss issues surrounding mental health.

Joel Lachance began “Coffee with Joe” last May in his basement.  He has now teamed up with l’Université de Hearst in a collaboration that allows him to use its facilities to shoot, edit and release his podcast.

Joel Lachance. Photo credit: Coffee with Joe/Youtube

One-time guest Renée Béchard-Jetté is now a panellist along with Lachance and his wife.

Lachance says Béchard-Jetté is a professional mental health consultant who adds her expertise to Coffee with Joe.

“I can talk about it, I can say how real it is,” he says,” but to have someone with us to be able to go into detail with anxiety, stress, depression, honestly it’s amazing.”

Weekly views of the podcast are, according to Lachance, usually well into the thousands.

“Sure, it’d be nice to see a million views, but it’s not about that.  It’s about reaching that one person that might need help at that moment that’s tuning in.”

You can catch Coffee with Joe on Facebook and Youtube.

Photo credit: Joel Lachance/Facebook