Today is the 70th anniversary of the first donation ever being made to the Stan Fowler Santa Claus Fund… and we’re celebrating with the Moose FM Feeding Families Radiothon, in support of the fund.

The Moose is broadcasting live from the food court at Timmins Square, collecting pledges along with the Schumacher Lions Club.

**UPDATE** TOTAL RAISED AS OF 4:15pm: $29,720.00

During a facebook live session from the Square, Mayor George Pirie told Moose FM morning man Tom Schenck that the Lions have been involved for all 70 years.

 “They’ve done a wonderful job and people, this is a chance even if you give five bucks or ten bucks or whatever, it’s that kind of charity, and talk to a bunch of your old friends because they’re all here.”

Tom replied: “ Yeah, and we’re having such a fun time down here today.  So if you want to come down and join us, we’re going to be here ‘til nine o’clock at Timmins Square, just collecting your donations and we hope to beat our goal of $52,000 that we did last year.  Can we do it?

Without missing a beat, the mayor chimed in: “You can do it.”