You can bet that it’s going to be loud in the gym at Ecole Secondaire Catholique Thériault on Thursday evening.

The United Way is staging its annual Youth Challenge, pitting all five city high schools against each other,  in a competition featuring several categories.

United Way regional manager Jennifer Gorman says the teenagers are constantly making noise… except when told to do otherwise.

“There’s a couple times where we put up our hands for instructions and speeches and things like that.  But it is a very loud, high energy, great night.”

It’s not just fun and games, however.

“There’s also a donation portion from each school and each student,” says Gorman, “that we raise money for the annual fundraising campaign.”

The event has been going for as long as anyone involved in organizing it can remember.  Gorman says she competed for Timmins High & Vocational School back in the day.  That’s where she first learned of United Way

“It’s not only to showcase their school spirit, but also raises awareness for United Way, teaches youth what United Way is up to and how we help in the community, and creates that awareness and hopefully they want to be involved and volunteer.”