The stress of deciding which local charity deserves your donation has just been made easier.

The Timmins Chamber of Commerce has launched “100 People Who Care”.

Committee chair Dan Ayotte outlines how it works, once 100 people each contribute $100  every quarter.

“You nominate a Timmins charity.  You vote quarterly and we donate the pooled amount to the selected charity for a potential group donations of $10,000.”

Committee chair Dan Ayotte (ay-AWT) notes that you don’t have to belong to the Chamber to be among the 100 people who care.

“You can be anybody.  You can be a business, an independent, a not for profit, anybody who can raise a hundred dollars quarterly.”

All the administrative work is done by volunteers, so 100% of the money goes to charity.

You can get involved by contacting the Timmins Chamber of Commerce at 705-360-1900, or online at