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‘transitionary period’ for Timmins Mayor-Elect

George Pirie calls this “a transitionary period”, as the retired mining executive prepares to be sworn in as mayor of Timmins on Tuesday night.

Pirie says he has been working with a marvellous group of councillors and strong administrators who – like him – want to move the city in a new, progressive direction.

He also points to the indigenous groups with which he’s met, calling them key partners in the process.

“It’s equal parts me getting comfortable with the role and those people, those individuals getting comfortable with me.  So I think it’s been easy on both parties so far.”

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And during the transition from the Steve Black era to the George Pirie area, the Mayor-Elect says there have been no surprises.

“You know, I knew what I was signed up for when I threw my hat into the ring,” comments Pirie.  “(I’ve) obviously been a keen follower of municipal politics and municipal affairs for quite some time, so no, no big surprises.”

The rookie mayor will be working with a council of eight… half of whom are also rookies.

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