Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over. So Downtown Timmins BIA executive director Noella Rinaldo has a message for you: “Now it’s time to shop local and it’s time to support the local businesses that we have here, that in turn support the community throughout the year.”

Rinaldo agrees that shopping on your computer is easy, but doesn’t think it’s as much fun.  She says getting out and shopping lets you interact with people, get into the Christmas spirit, hear the music and see the displays.

“Really, that’s a big part of it, right?” she says. “It’s the joy and feeling, the atmosphere that you’re around people when you’re shopping.”

Heading west across the river is fine, but Rinaldo notes that downtown, you’re often dealing directly with the store owner, who is able to help you find a unique gift before it gets big and popular elsewhere next year.

 “In comparison to some of the bigger box stores,” she comments, “ these are the people that support your hockey team and support these businesses, so it’s nice when you have an opportunity to say thank you for their support throughout the year and come and see them.”