November 1st to 7th is Canadian Down Syndrome Week, and the Canadian Down Syndrome Society is challenging Canadians to #SeeTheAbility in Canadians living with Down Syndrome.

As the Canadian Down Syndrome Society states on their website, “Canadian Down Syndrome Week is our week to show the world that Canada is where ALL people are valued, fully participating citizens. It is our week to celebrate people with Down syndrome and teach others to ‘See the Ability.'”

The week is being celebrated with a multitude of events, nation-wide. As well, those on the provincial committee are holding seminars and information sessions for those living with Down Syndrome to help increase independent living skills, the importance of healthy eating, promoting healthy relationships, and other information.

One of the amazing individuals that’s helping Canadians to #SeeTheAbility is Canadian silver medalist in figure skating, Julia Romualdi.

Special Olympics silver medalist in figure skating, Julia Romualdi, is helping Canadians to #SeeTheAbility for National Down Syndrome Week.

Not only is Julia a silver medal-winning figure skater, but she is also on the provincial committee that raises awareness for Down Syndrome, a member of the Ontario Special Olympics Council, she is a blogger, she holds a part-time job, and she is also a burgeoning actor-to-be!

Julia and Moose Mornings with Tom-host, Tom Schenck, had a chance to sit down and talk about all of the initiatives that the CDSS is involved in for Canadian Down Syndrome Week, how Canadians can #SeeTheAbility, as well as tell us about what it felt like to capture that silver medal at the Special Olympics. Listen to the full interview below:


Julia Romualdi tells us that the best way to get involved is to hop onto social media and use the hashtag #SeeTheAbility, as well as to check out the CDSS website for more information on how you can help.

“See The Ability” is CDSS’s message aimed to encourage the inclusion and celebration of people with Down syndrome, and to dispel myths and stereotypes. Let’s do it together!

See more information about the Canadian Down Syndrome Week at the CDSS website here.