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Hunting Protected Wildlife Charges

A Foleyet man has been charged for hunting protected wild life. MNR followed up with a complaint at his house, and found a sharp-shinned hawk had been hunted. MNR Officers then carried out a search warrant which found parts of more than 300 squirrels and chipmunks along with parts of northern flickers, herring gulls, pileated woodpeckers, blue jays, gray jays and a great gray owl.

Also seized was 300 metres of gill nets, which are illegal without a license. He pled guilty to four charges, including illegally having migratory birds. He was handed a 10 year hunting suspension, and over four thousand dollars in fines.

The charges were:

$1,000 for hunting specially protected wildlife
$1,700 for possessing illegally killed wildlife
$1,500 for unlawfully possessing migratory birds
$200 for unlawfully possessing gill nets.

On top of the 10 year hunting ban, he also can not have guns or ammo, or be in an area where game is found.

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