If you are doing this with your socks, you may be a good person…in fact, you are probably a GREAT person!

And by that we mean…donating your socks and other lightly-used articles of clothing to The Good Samaritan Inn donation campaign!

On Monday, Moose FM kicked off our donation campaign in support of The Good Samaritan Inn. After the disastrous fire at The Good Samaritan Inn on October 24th, that left many people who used it as temporary housing, without a place to turn. Luckily, Timmins wouldn’t be letting these people go cold this winter.

In the 4-hours of collection that happened on Monday, October 29th, the donation drive saw people show up with truck-loads of donations, literally! From pants and t-shirts, to winter jackets and gloves, to sleeping bags and cots, to toiletries and even a globe; it was amazing to see how the people of Timmins were willing to step-up and take on the call to action! A special shout-out to the residents of Cochrane, who banded together to offer up enough donations to completely fill-up my mini-van in one go!

We're done here but it's not over yet!!!

Posted by Moose Timmins on Monday, October 29, 2018

The generosity of the people of Timmins did not stop there, however. The South Porcupine Dental office in the Porcupine Mall caught wind of what we were up to and wanted to help in any way they could! They have offered to be the new drop-off location for The Good Samaritan Inn donation campaign. We will also be broadcasting live from South Porcupine Dental on Saturday, November 3rd from 11am-3pm to cap-off the campaign! Here is where to find them:

The Good Samaritan Inn is asking for donations of clothing, bedding, non-perishable food items, and monetary donations, but anything you have to offer will be greatly appreciate, new or lightly-used. It will all be going towards those in-need this winter!