Business operations with the Northeastern Catholic District School Board are being taken over by someone new.

Keld Scott is taking over as Superintendent of Business. The school board says this position is responsible:

• Management of the Board’s financial responsibilities including the development of the annual budget, and presentation of the annual budget to the Board for approval
• Supervising the preparation of the annual financial statements and other financial reports and ensure reports are completed and delivered on a timely basis
• Supervising the business functions of diverse departments within the Board
• Overseeing and managing the transportation functions of the Board, including school bus contract offers, grant calculations and the preparation of Ministry of Education reports
• Ensure that all business functions are conducted efficiently and in compliance with relevant legislation while ensuring alignment with the strategic vision and principles of the Board

Director of Education Tricia Weltz says strengthening the board’s core business functions will benefit the students in a positive way. “We are so happy to welcome Mr. Scott and look forward to working closely with him.”

Scott says he is excited to help improve and build NCDSB business operations.