It’s been an absolute honour to call Timmins my home since 2013. After living all over the country from Southern Ontario to Northern Albert to New Brunswick there’s been some incredible people along the way, and all of you in Timmins (and Northern Ontario as a whole) are some of the best.

Since moving here I got married and have had a son. The amount of support and help that you’ve all provided in helping me (at least attempt) to understand fatherhood has been unbelievable.

When you tune in every afternoon you can be sure that we’ll be talking about things that are important and relevant to you and our community…and I love for you to weigh in, you can always call the show at 705-264-9310.

I’m also a die hard Leafs fan…I somehow survived those 2007 thru 2014 years. Love to play music, drums are my primary instrument. But they’re a little loud at the office and everyone else here doesn’t appreciate that, so instead, you might find me plucking away at my guitar occasionally.

I look forward to continuing to help our great city grow and am thrilled to get to interact with you on a regular basis.

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