An official recount is planned for two ward five candidates.

Candidate Cory Robin called for a recount after the results from Monday night’s election showed a two-vote difference between elected councillor Andrew Marks and Robin. Marks ended the night with 2,637 votes and Robin was right behind with 2,635.

City Clerk Steph Palmateer says on Tuesday staff will be re-verifying the online votes and re-tabulating the paper ballots. “We are planning on using two tabulators to help speed up the process. The candidates and or their scrutineers are allowed to be there and inspect the ballots before we put them through or object to any spoiled ballots.”

The online voting system was having some technical difficulties on election day, making the city extend the voting deadline by one hour. Palmateer says this may have been a factor in the close call. “We know that based on the numbers approximately 250 people still voted online in that additional hour, which is about the amount ay which people were voting all day online on election day.” He says there are some people who gave up on trying to vote, but the people who were calling City Hall about the problem were being encouraged to go to a polling station to vote. Palmateer adds he hopes it’s a minimal number of people who didn’t vote.

The recount is scheduled for Tuesday at 10:00am in Council Chambers. Palmateer says results from the recount should be available later that day.