College Boreal is looking to make mental health supports on campus better.

The college says it will be fundraising throughout the year for the Canadian Mental Health Association, to add more services for students. Director of Marketing and Recruitment Jean Cotnoir says $5 from every application fee for the 2019 school year will be donated to community-based mental health and addiction services. He says the funds raised will help support a campus program which aims to help colleges and universities in the province enhance capacity to support student mental health and well-being. 

“The way that the Canadian Mental Health Association works is that they do have local chapters, so the idea is that (the money) will remain in those local chapters to help those communities.”

Cotnoir says College Boreal does take mental health to heart. “Our students are looking to succeed and it’s our job to ensure they have the proper strategies and the proper support with them to ensure that success.” He adds that the college has great professors and great teams in place to ensure that success. He says with partnerships such as this, the school can make sure that students succeed and are ready to hit the workforce as quickly as possible and with a healthy fashion.