Fire Crews are working to put out a blaze at the Good Samaritan Inn in South Porcupine.

The Timmins Fire Department says it got a call that the homeless shelter caught fire about 3:45 this morning. Chief Fire Prevention Officer Rock Rice says the fire started on the second floor. “The roof has collapsed on the second floor so we can’t get to the scene of the fire. It’s still burning underneath the roof and it’s going to be a tricky fire to investigate.”

Rice says as far as firefighters know everyone is out of the building and two people have been taken to the hospital. “The accountability of the people that came out, that was it. They couldn’t tell me if there was anyone else left, they thought everybody was out.” He says everyone has been transported to the Senator Hotel.

The Timmins, Whitney, South End and Mountjoy Fire Departments all responded to the call.

Rice says crews have the blaze under control, but it could take a few days before they can go in and investigate the cause of the fire. He adds that the building department will let the fire department know if the building has to be torn down.

More updates to come as more information becomes available.

(Written By: Mackenzie Read)