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Water rates to rise in Timmins

We could be paying more for water in Timmins. Prices may be on the rise by $200/year. This would be a one time increase until 2023, and debts will be paid off quicker, meaning less interest.

Breaking those prices down, $25 would go towards water, with $175 going to sewage.

Option two will have prices go up by $30/year for both water and sewage. That increase would be every year until 2023. This is around what we are paying now, and is equivalent to a 3% hike.

The third option is to have an increase of $100/year for two years, with no increases after that until 2023.

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A fourth option was suggested at city council last night. Increasing rates by $50/year.

Mayor Steve Black says he supports the $200 increase because it is cheaper in the long run.

The issue will come back to city council.

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