Small businesses are in the spotlight next week.

The Timmins Chamber of Commerce is partnering with local organizations to celebrate and recognize all that they do in the city. Board Chair Nancy Mageau says it’s important to recognize and support the smaller businesses because “they’re the backbone to the economy. Ultimately in every community, you need a small business of some kind to help the community grow and it also helps keep businesses in the community.”

The chamber says there will be events planned all week including BIA awards, workshops and networking opportunities. Manager of Member Services Carmen Swartz says there are some new events this year as well. “If you think of cybersecurity and those type of topics that are really hot topics for businesses are new.”

Chair Mageau says anyone can attend next week’s events. “If they’re thinking of getting into business, it’s a great opportunity to start seeing what is out there that the Chamber and the BIA, the City and the rest of the community can offer to help them with their business if they’re thinking of even getting into business.”

Below is the full small business week schedule:

Photo supplied by the Timmins Chamber of Commerce