Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli says if the Tories win the 2018 election, they’ll spend the first part of the term repealing bad legislation from the Liberals. Fedeli says one law that will go is the Far North Act which prohibits mining and forestry in most of the north. He says another piece of bad legislation is forcing small contractors to pay into the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. Fedeli warned the Premier that forcing small contractors to do this when they already have their own insurance would have consequences. And Fedeli says time has shown he was right.

He says contractors are closing up shop because they can’t afford this new $6, 000 tax.

Fedeli says small contractors will never use WSIB insurance because their own private insurance plans are far better. He says the only reason they’re being forced to pay into the WSIB is so the board can pay off a 14-billion dollar liability.