Students are living the life of a homeless person today.

Last night about 43 students from Ecole secondaire catholique Theriault will spend the evening raising money on the street for local organizations and sleep in cardboard boxes and tarps.

The students will have to go to classes like normal tomorrow morning. The school says this gives the students the experience of living like a homeless person for 24 hours.

Grade 12 student Mikayla Dacosta says it will be a different learning and understanding experience. “It will be a huge difference between seeing someone who is homeless and having a perspective of what it’s actually like to be in that position.” Decosta says she is a little worried about going to classes like normal tomorrow. “I think it’s definitely going to be hard to focus, it’s definitely going to be hard to get myself up in the morning and still have a productive day.” She says but that is the purpose of this experiment right.

The school says each student has been asked to raise a minimum of $75 with all the proceeds going to The Lord’s Kitchen, The YO-Mobile, Project Love and The Timmins Food Bank.