Things are still trucking along for a Timmins inspired movie.

Former Timmins Principal turned author signed a movie deal for his Popchuck Chronicles trilogy last year. The book series is a mystery set at Timmins’ Camp Bickell. Paul Toffenallo says the Las Angeles production company is still looking for investors, but he is confident that the project is on track. 

Toffanello says when it comes to filming the movies, he is hoping to do it a Camp Bickell, where the books take place.

He says any movie project normally takes about three to five years, so being a year and a half in they are in a good place. Toffanello says they have cast the lead child role and are on the look out for a director. He says the production company has increased the budget to about $5-million per movie to attract some bigger names.

Toffanello says he is hoping to start filming by next year. There is no word on when the first movie should be released.