Timmins’ MPP isn’t too thrilled after the provincial government laid out its priorities for the next four year’s.

The PC Party’s throne speech included promises to:

  • Reduceing gas prices, but with no exact details on how this will happen
  • Lowering hydro bills
  • Tax relief to parents, small businesses and working poor
  • Scrapping cap-and-trade and opposing other carbon tax schemes in all of their forms
  • Long-term stable funding for health care including 15,000 new long term care beds over the next five years and $3.8-billion investment in mental health and addictions, including supporting housing
  • Increasing supports for families and parents of children with autism
  • Expanding beer and wine sales to convenience stores, grocery stores and big box stores

Gilles Bisson says one thing that he noticed was that nothing was specifically mentioned for the northern region. Bisson says typically there are plans to help the north, but Doug Ford didn’t make any promises for the region.

Bisson says another thing that wasn’t mentioned was how the government plans on helping the different industries within the province.

Bisson says he is happy that the government is promising to reduce gas prices, but with the companies upping the prices before this comes into effect it won’t really help.

He says one thing that bothers him is the commitment to bring beer and wine sales to convenience stores. Bisson says there are other issues like hospital shortages that need to be fixed before this should be done.

Bisson thinks it’s still yet to be seen what the government is going to be doing.