You can help clean up Timmins.

The Homeless Coalition of Timmins is hosting a TimminsGetClean event on Saturday to raise awareness around homelessness and substance abuse in the city. Co-founder and Chair of HCT Jason Sereda says everyone is invited to help clean-up community spaces that everyone uses and rally around commonly shared social issues.

HCT says the main event is broken down into three stages. Volunteers are asked to show up for registration at 9:30am at First Baptist Church on Third Avenue. It says at this time, volunteers will be assigned a location of the city to help clean. Following the clean-up around 12:00pm, volunteers and community members are invited to attend the registration zone for a free community meal. The coalition says there will also be live entertainment provided by Lee Hannigan and Friends at the Working Class later in the evening between 8:00pm and 10:00pm.

The coalition says it will have a small supply of work gloves on hand, but if you have your own, to please bring them with you. All the garbage bags will be provided.

HCT says it is working to advocate, advise, shape and coordinate community strategies to prevent and reduce homelessness in the Timmins Area.

Click here for more information on the TimminsGetClean event.