Timmins is getting some new visitors this weekend. The Canadian Raptor Conservancy, the Muskoka Wildlife Centre, and the Backyard Conservation Fund will be in town with a variety of animals. Large pythons, an alligator, eagles, owls, and tarantulas will be at the 101 mall on Pine. Head over there on Saturday or Sunday between 10 and 5 to see the animals and talk to the experts.

From the Wildlife Festival press release, about the three conservation centres involved in the Wildlife Festival:

The Canadian Raptor Conservancy performs live, Free-Flight Demonstrations across Canada at select events throughout the year. They perform over 1000 presentations per year and reach an audience of over 1 million people. Their demonstrations include birds that are trained for free flight, as each different bird is unique in its own appearance and flight styles.

Muskoka Wildlife Centre is a facility that educates the public on native, Canadian wildlife. Their outreach programs have entertained and educated audiences across the Country for decades.

The Backyard Conservation Fund of Canada is a registered non-profit that takes in and places unwanted and confiscated reptiles and amphibians into suitable and long-term homes. It is a professionally run facility and one of the largest reptile rescue organizations in Canada. They work in close contact with the OSPCA, municipal and provincial authorities.

Tickets are $10 a person, but if you “like and “share” The Wildlife Festival on Facebook, tickets go down to $8.00!

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