Aliens will be roaming the streets of Timmins this week.

The Timmins Klingon Assault Group will be welcoming fellow alien members this weekend for a Rumpus, or a party bigger than a party. This will be the groups first Rumpus in Timmins which is attracting Klingon members from Toronto, Sudbury, North Bay and Chicago. 

Local Klingon Member Peter Hutchison says this weekend will host activities all around the city. He says this includes a fundraising concert for Wounded Warriors Canada at the Working Class featuring the Klingon Pop Warrior on Saturday. He says the Klingon Pop Warrior works with some translators to sing popular songs in Klingon. Hutchison adds that there will be a charity auction on site. 

The concert costs $5 and starts at 8:00pm. Hutchison says the group is also working with both Compass Brewery and Full Beard to create special drinks with part of the proceeds going towards their fundraiser. He says all the money will be going towards Wounded Warriors Canada PTSD support dog program. He says as people who dress up and play warriors, they have a duty to raise awareness and support for those who have truly served the nation.

Hutchison says the alien fun doesn’t stop on Saturday.

The group says aliens will be popping up at different events and locations around town to spread awareness about the Klingon Assault Group and Wounded Warriors. For more information about the weekend events, you can go to the groups Facebook page