Police are asking people to contact them before going to social media.

The Timmins Police Service’s Board discussed this at it’s latest meeting. Board Member John Curley says he noticed people posting on social media about small thefts including stolen hockey sticks left out to support the Humboldt tragedy.

Police Chief John Gauthier says this is something that police see a lot. He says TPS understand that social media is a platform where you can let your neighbours know about what is happening in your community, but you should report it first.

Board Chair Steve Black says if you have your own pictures or security footage you can go ahead and post it, but police need to know what is happening for their records. Black says this way TPS can track the statistics and help solve the issue. 

Gauthier says he agrees with Black. He says people need to allow the police to do their work and not take justice into their own hands.