Since 1948, the Stan Fowler Fund has been making Christmas a joyous time of year for families in need. Every year, the fund raises money for food vouchers that get hand delivered to hundreds of people to ensure their families don’t go hungry at Christmas.

Stan Fowler thought that the community of Timmins could be better, and he aimed to make it that way. With that, the Stan Fowler Fund was born. It started almost 70 years ago with an initial donation of $100 on December 6th 1948 as a radiothon.

Fast forward 32 years, and in 1980, the fund was taken over by the Schumacher Lion’s Club and became a telethon on CTV. This year, the fundraising is going back to its root.

On December 7th 2017 join us for the Stan Fowler Moose FM Lion’s Club Radiothon from 6am to 6pm. You can visit the Moose FM Studios at 49 Cedar St South or stop by the Lion’s Club Den at McIntyre Arena to make a donation.