A Private Member’s Bill to create Safe Texting Zones is closer to reality.

The Bill, which was proposed by Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli, has passed unanimous second reading at Queen’s Park. Fedeli wants to cut down on distracted driving with texting zones because he says people distracted by their cells are more prone to crashing their vehicles. He says people on their cell phone are four times more at risk to get into a collision and the odds that they’ll crash jumps to 23 more times if they’re texting and driving.

Safe Texting Zones are widely used in the U.S. and American police agencies support them. Fedeli expects similar support from police in Ontario when debate on the Bill is expected to being this fall. The Safe Texting Zone Act already has support from the insurance and auto sectors. The only infrastructure the Bill needs is signage pointing out that a texting zone is only five kilometres away. The texting zones would use existing turn-offs, rest stops and parkways.

Once the Bill clears the debate stage, Fedeli says it’s up to the government to bring it back for third and final reading, something he hopes happens before the end of the year.

(Written by: Rocco Frangione)