The 2-billion-year-old water found at Kidd Creek Mine may be hosting some form of life. A research team from the University of Toronto is back in Timmins gathering more data on the water.

So far the team has found some indirect evidence showing it may be hosting living organisms. Researcher Allyson Brady says this opens up a field of questions on whether other planets are hosting the same type of water.

Brady says that we didn’t even know that something like this could exist on earth so maybe it could exist on Mars too. She says we are driving the rovers around looking for stuff on the surface, but maybe we need to be looking at the subsurface.

Brady states that it’s crazy to think that there could be life in the mine that has been existing for a billion years and we didn’t even know it was there.

Once more data is collected, the research team is hoping to hope a workshop with all of their evidence.