The Trudeau government is backing a motion from Timmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus to inject some money into First Nations children. Angus says the government was legally told by the Human Rights Tribunal to end the systemic discrimination of First Nations kids, and it took a parliamentary motion to get the wheels turning.

The motion put forward calls on the Liberals to follow through with the orders made by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal in January to establish a funding plan. Angus says it also calls for the adoption of Jordan’s Principle, which says all kids deserve access to the same health care services regardless of government feuds or jurisdictions.

He says the government has been found to be systemically denying First Nations children the same support other kids get. He says this year alone, the shortfall is $155 million. That affects mental health services, and at-risk youth.

However, Angus says it still yet to be seen if the Liberals follow through on the promise to invest that $155 million. He says no commitments have been made, despite the vote in Parliament. He says the government was ordered to be in compliance with the Human Rights Tribunal ruling, but they’ve ignored mediation demands and calls by the tribunal. Angus calls it extraordinary that Parliament has to order a government to stop discriminating against children at risk.

On top of that, Angus says we’ve seen some dodgy language from the government. He references a comment from the Minster of Indigenous Affairs, who said she was worried putting more money in the system would hurt the kids. Angus says in whose world would you come up with a line like that.

He says any Canadians, regardless of who you are, understands investments into children need to be made.

(With files from: Rudy Kadlec)