The MPP for Nipissing says Ontarians should be worried about the latest report on growth.   Ontario’s economic growth was only point two per cent in the second quarter and for the year, growth is forecast at only point seven per cent.  Vic Fedeli says this is bad news because the Wynne Liberals based this year’s budget on 2.2 per cent growth.

Faced with very poor growth, Fedeli says there’s no way the Liberals can balance their budget next year like they promised unless they raise taxes.  He says if they don’t raise taxes, then only one option remains and that’s to keep selling assets like OPG, the LCBO and Hydro One.  Fedeli says while selling government-owned assets eliminates the deficit, it’s back in no time, since the Liberals won’t curb their spending.

(Written by: Rocco Frangione)