Council has agreed to spend $47,000 to snowplow two rural roads in Timmins. This move goes against the city’s current rural roads policy, which states roads will only be maintained if it meets a certain standard. However last night, the majority of council agreed to plow Charland and Bertrand.

Councillor Pat Bamford, who has stood against the move, says this needs to be a one-off decision. He says he hopes the city looks at this as its “last hurrah”, because it cant afford to subsidize other people’s second properties. Bamford says if this was multiplied many times, the general taxpayer in Timmins would be financing someone else’s choice of living standards. And, he says that will be very difficult for the average taxpayer to manage.

Bamford broke down some of the numbers for the snowplowing. It’s going to cost $47,000, and the taxes in the area bring in around $51,000. Bamford says that’s basically a wash for the city.

Since the original request for plowing on these two rural roads was approved a few weeks ago, at least two other similar requests have come in.

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