Timmins is looking at its options when it comes to implementing a composting program in the city. This was approved during last week’s budget meeting, after being pitched by Councillor Andre Grzela.

He says picking up organic waste separately from regular garbage could extend the life of Deloro tremendously, as some cities have as much as 40 per cent organic compost in their landfill. Grzela notes the options for Timmins could range from something as small as strongly supporting home outdoor composting, to as big as building a plant to resell the compost to farmers. He says the city will have to find its own sweet spot.

One of the options thrown around at council was to create a separate composting area at the landfill, as opposed to having it picked up at homes. One of the concerns raised was how picking up compost will affect the potential rotating of garbage and recycling pickup, which was also suggested by Grzela in last week’s budget meeting.

Grzela says its time the city starts looking at the issue, as Deloro is filling up. He says there is a price tag attached to that, and this could be a proactive solution.

A full report on the different options will come back to the council table.

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