Every single road in Timmins is going to be analyzed and prioritized in terms of how much work is needed for upgrades. This was approved during Wednesday’s budget meeting after requested by Councillor Mike Doody. He says they should be ranked in each ward, from best to worst. He says doing it that way means there won’t be “favourites” for each councillor.

Doody says roads will always be an issue for the city, and if they don’t tackle it now then it will just get worse. He says if the city knows which roads are in need of work the most, then they can work their way through the list. He says although it may not happen for five years, council will know where they’re going and will have a starting point.

The city already has a list of 60 roads, but Doody is looking for that list to expanded and broken down by ward. Staff will now look at the request and come back with their report.