Timmins is getting plans ready for next summer’s phase of the Connecting Link. Phase two will go from the bottom of Rae Hill to the Tisdale cemetery. If there is any left over cash, it would go towards moving east from the Bruce-Y.

The city is now going to send an application into the province to pay for part of the work. Engineering Manager Pat Seguin says the application is for $3 million. There is no word yet on how much of the full cost that will cover, if the province comes through with the money.

Seguin says the work in phase two will include pulverising the existing asphalt, while raising and reinforcing the subbase. It will be a 30 year asphalt design, which is thicker and meant to last longer. The work also include putting in 2.5-metre bike lanes, replacing 11 street lights, and installing 19 new ones.

The city should hear back on the status of the application this spring. The entire project is expected to be a 10 year process. The first phase is still continuing around the Bruce intersection in South Porcupine.