A hot topic on tonight’s council agenda is a vote on the Code of Conduct for council members. This was pitched last week, which sparked a debate about banning cell phones around the council table. Although that was shot down, Mayor Steve Black says one aspect they are looking at is hiring a third party integrity commissioner. That means someone who can be brought in as needed to review situations and make suggestions.

Black says he thinks this will help to will lay out the rules of debate and conduct within council meetings, and when interacting with staff. He says it will help to give council more grounds if conduct gets out of line.

Black also notes he thinks all of council is ready to get back to the regular and professional meetings, and hopes this will help them get there.

The vote will happen during a special meeting, which will begin once the Committee of the Whole meeting wraps up. It’s all set to begin at 6:00pm tonight in the second floor council chambers at city hall.

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