Red flags about the cost of Hydro rates are being raised again at Queen’s Park. This time it’s the MPP for Timiskaming-Cochrane, John Vanthof, raising concerns. He says the Wynne government promised a 12 per cent delivery charge reduction for Northerners, on top of the eight per cent tax break. But, he says only a fraction of those living in rural areas will actually qualify for the rebate. He says 1.8 million people live in rural Ontario, but only 300,000 will get the full rebate. He says the public needs to know if the Premier will tell people who were promised the rebate, that they won’t be getting it.

Ontario’s Energy Minister, Glenn Thibeault, says the government recognises some families living in northern, rural, or remote parts of the province are seeing a higher cost of their electricity bill, on the delivery charge. He says northern families that qualify for the Rural or Remote Rate Protection program will continue to get that rebate, and those that don’t will get an eight per cent discount. He says the RRRP equals out to be around 20 per cent off of Hydro bills.