A protest is expected at tonight’s city council meeting in Timmins. Residents who are angry over the decision to boot Councillor Rick Dubeau from the various boards and committees he sat on will be convening at city hall. In an email sent to local media, the group called themselves a grassroots movement of angry citizens, who are protesting the stifling of democracy

Mayor Steve Black told Moose FM he has no comment about the planned protest, except to note that the right to peaceful protest is an important one for democracy. He says if this is how residents feel they need to express their opinion, then so be it.

Meanwhile, Dubeau had similar comments. He told Moose FM he has received a tremendous amount of feedback from taxpayers supporting his position. He says if any residents want to come out to tonight’s council meeting and voice their opinion, he welcomes it, saying that is democracy.

A number of hot topics are on tonight’s council agenda, including re-visiting the ward system, and a report on a code of conduct for council members. The city is also going to re-vote on the Connecting Link bylaw to ensure the proper cost and distance are on the official record.

The meeting is at 6:00pm tonight, and is open to the public.

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