France Gelinas is not letting CN off easy when it comes to the oil spill in Gogama. The MPP for Nickel Belt is continuing to push for a better clean up effort, even going to the provincial government for support.

Gelinas says it’s been 18 months since one million litres of crude oil was spilled. She says CN spent all of last summer and fall trying to remove the oil, before the river froze over. Now this spring, Gelinas says it’s obvious to everyone that there is still a lot of oil in the water. She says the communities affected by the spill were promised clean water. But a year and a half later, Gelinas says the water isn’t clean. She says you can see and smell the oil, and there are dead fish everywhere.

Gelinas also notes that the Mattagami First Nation was promised their environment would be brought back to its original state. She is now asking the province to order CN to better their clean up efforts.

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