School is officially back for all students this week, which is prompting a safety reminder from northern OPP detachments. The police are reminding drivers that school buses will be back on the roads today, and cars are required to stop when its arm is down, and lights are flashing. That applies to all highways, city streets, and country roads.

Staff Sargent Baldassare Nuccio with the James Bay Detachment says the police’s biggest safety concern is the increase in traffic as buses and parents drive to various schools. He says the higher volume of traffic means drivers should be extra cautious in adhering to the rules of the road.

Nuccio also says drivers should also be extra alert at crosswalks, to allow students to get across local streets safely. He says kids will sometimes get caught up in conversation or they’re using cell phones, and aren’t mindful when crossing the road. He says in those situations drivers should be alert.

Nuccio also notes that anyone on bikes or skateboards should also follow all of the laws on the roads.

(With files from: Rudy Kadlec)